Tips For a Safe Purchase to Prevent Online Frauds

Ayxoo0 Comments28/05/2018

The online shopping event is often used by computer criminals to gather information anonymously from malicious sites. How to avoid it? As every year in these dates, from 00:00 hours on…

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Mobile Shopping Trends Today

Ayxoo0 Comments21/05/2018

Purchases made through mobile devices accounted for 50% of total online sales in Latin America in the first quarter of 2018. This was revealed by a study by the eCommerce…

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Instagram Rehearses Regarding Payment System

Ayxoo0 Comments11/05/2018

Instagram rehearses in the US and the UK a payment system that allows users to make purchases directly from the app Instagram changes skin slowly: from social network to what we…

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The Most Profitable Products To Sell Online with Huge Margin

Ayxoo0 Comments06/05/2018

While large corporations try to improve their sales in the digital field, there are thousands of new companies trying to get involved in the same field. Although the panorama has…

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How to Sell Online Without Committing The Most Common Mistakes

Ayxoo0 Comments03/05/2018

History repeats itself over and over again: highly trained people, almost always engineers, create a technically very good product but there is no way to sell it. We spent the…

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Amazon Breaks Another Record, Has More Than 100 Million Prime Members

Ayxoo0 Comments30/04/2018

With more than 100 million Prime users around the world, Jeff Bezos makes it clear that Amazon is perhaps the most important e-commerce store today. Amazon, the largest e-commerce company in…

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Facebook: Why is it So Difficult to Leave the Social Network?

Ayxoo0 Comments26/04/2018

The privacy scandal of the Cambridge Analytica case outraged almost all Facebook users, but it is not surprising that either, says the “Verne” site of the newspaper “El País”. And…

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The Most beneficial Tips to Buy Well on the Internet

Shopping: The Most beneficial Tips to Buy Well on the Internet

Ayxoo0 Comments23/04/2018

If today we buy more and more online, there are details to know to avoid pitfalls and disappointments. Follow the guide. Buying on the Internet has become a commonplace gesture…

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An Explosion of Sales From Argentina to Asia in the Next Ten Years

Ayxoo0 Comments20/04/2018

According to a report prepared by an online commerce store, Argentina is the most expensive country in Latin America for this type of purchases. With what an Argentine woman spends buying…

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The Future of e-Commerce are the United States and China

The Future of e-Commerce are the United States and China

Ayxoo0 Comments17/04/2018

One of every two human beings on the planet, currently, is regularly connected to the Internet. Half, two billion people, live in Asia. And China, with seven hundred million Internet…

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