An Explosion of Sales From Argentina to Asia in the Next Ten Years

Explosion of sales from Argentina

According to a report prepared by an online commerce store, Argentina is the most expensive country in Latin America for this type of purchases.

With what an Argentine woman spends buying a basic wardrobe, a Colombian woman can easily buy two, says this online store.

If a Latin American woman wanted to renew her wardrobe with 31 basic products, she would spend a total of USD $ 1221.63, at an average price of USD $ 38.75 per garment.

The company that did the research is Linio, an online store that operates in Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, Ecuador, Panama, Chile, and Argentina.

To carry out his research, he explained, he searched and compared the price of more than 30 e-commerce products in the “Fashion” category, including clothing, footwear, and accessories.

Why Moda ?, because it is one of the favorite categories of users throughout Latin America.

The costs of each of the garments were examined in at least three online stores in each country by popularity, taxes and other associated purchase costs, minus delivery was also accounted for.

The Regional Average Price was calculated according to the Average Price per country of each of the products.

The exchange rate used was indicated by Bloomberg Markets in the week of March 05 to 18, 2018. The index includes 31 products divided into seven categories incorporating clothing, footwear, and accessories.

The total budget to buy a basic wardrobe in the region is just over $ 120 with an average price per pledge of almost $ 40.

The most expensive country to acquire this wardrobe is Argentina, while the most economical, according to its investigation, is Colombia.

Of the 31 products analyzed, 15 have a higher average price in Argentina than in the other countries.

The cheapest garment is the basic sleeveless shirt with an average price of US $ 12.44, the most expensive is the coat with an average price of US $ 156.09.

To buy all the basic wardrobe, an Argentine would spend $ 1789.88 in total, with an average price per pledge of $ 58.84.

The sum of products by category from highest to lowest is: Coats (Us $ 542.72), Shoes (Us $ 302.89), Sweaters (Us $ 283.20), Accessories, (Us $ 245.20), Pants (Us $ 222.87), Shirts and T-shirts (Us $ 129.46) and Others (Us $ 63.55).

An Explosion of Sales From Argentina to Asia in the Next Ten Years

In the next decade, Brazil will continue to be Argentina’s main trading partner, but Asian countries are already positioning themselves, a regional market in which until 2030 the values exported in 2017 will triple. The growth of external sales to the Asian continent will be driven by China, India and Vietnam.

In the short term, the country’s exports will be consolidated in the regional scenario, especially in Brazil, Chile and Uruguay, and the participation of the United States will fall, while prevailing the conviction that a European Union-Mercosur agreement will be beneficial. Brussels stresses that the potential benefits of this agreement could be three times greater than the EU agreements with Japan and with Canada combined.

The projections come from the HSBC Navigator, a report prepared by HSBC, Kantar TNS and Oxford Economics, with forecasts on the world and bilateral trade, including projections of exports and imports of goods and services.

The survey was conducted on a universe of 6033 companies from 23 countries, including Argentina, where 209 large, medium and small companies were consulted. Other countries that were part of the study carried out between December 2017 and January 2018 were Germany, Australia, Bangladesh, Canada, China, Egypt, France, India, Mexico, Poland, Saudi Arabia, the United States, the United Kingdom and Vietnam, among others. .

Argentine companies are among the most optimistic when evaluating the increase in commercial volumes. 84% of the Argentine firms consulted expect an increase in trade, well above the 77% positive responses of the world average, despite the growing protectionism in global trade flows.

In line with that view, the report presented by Juan Marotta, regional director of Corporate Banking at HSBC; Patricia Bindi, director of that segment in Argentina; and Maximiliano Rossi, manager of Foreign Trade-, highlights that “Argentine exports will total the US $ 132.754 million in 2030, against the US $ 58.745 million in 2017”, and clarifies that “it will be an increase of 126%”.

In this sense, exports to the Asian continent will grow 195% between 2017 and 2030, “with the surprise of the demand from India and Vietnam that will increase 274% and 243% respectively”, the document points out. The case of Vietnam is paradigmatic, while in 2010 it imported from Argentina US $ 654 million, it is projected that in 2030 the purchases from our country will reach the US $ 8,906 million.

With the projected growth, Asia in a few years will be in line with the amounts exported to all of Latin America, including Brazil. In this context, “Asia will be the main growth market for exports of Argentine products, since the portion of the total will increase from 25% in 2017 to 32% projected for 2030, surpassing Latin America”, with China, Vietnam and India as main markets. In fact, the Chinese giant will be in 2030 the second largest destination of Argentine exports, behind Brazil, and displacing the United States from the second place it occupies today, to the third.

With this perspective, 56% of Argentine companies consider that there will be an increase in financing needs for foreign trade, as opposed to 62% of the global average. In this context, 66% of respondents expect an increase in trade in services, not just raw materials.

Despite this, fuel raw materials, transport equipment and agricultural products occupy the first four lines of exports expected for twelve years.

The Behavior of Buyers Changed From The Emergence of Online Stores

The Behavior of Buyers Changed From The Emergence of Online Stores

In the 21st century, the rise of the internet generated a change in the behavior of online buyers. The number one sales portal for furniture and decoration objects in the United States invites us to reflect on the behavior of current online buyers.

Before anyone would think to buy your favorite furniture or your favorite shoes online. However, online stores have evolved to rescue and interpret the needs of buyers. According to the results of the last report made by the Cetelem Observatory in 2017, not only the amount of online sales has grown, but also the American companies have invested 38% more in their purchases in 2017 than in 2016.

In addition, another very interesting fact is that the “marketplace”, practically an online shopping center, was installed as the new purchase channel preferred. It is no longer necessary to have hours and hours to visit different shops or businesses. Nor is it necessary to tolerate endless rows to pay for the chosen products. Everything is resolved in one click.

Buyers Feel Heard

Online stores allow users to connect with brands and people identify more with those for whom buyers are more than just a number. In addition, online stores allow you to visit social networks, such as Facebook and Instagram, where you can belong to a community to share experiences and experiences about the products.

Online Stores Shorten Distances

In a globalized world like that of the 21st century, physical borders disappeared thanks to the advancement of technology. Cell phones allow the much more economic connection, people in different latitudes. Now you can buy a design bed like the one that appears in the most prestigious decoration magazines and without the person moving to the shopping center closest to your home.

Quality and Satisfaction Guaranteed

Another of the great virtues of online stores is that it allows you to receive the product and in the case of feeling that it does not meet the specifications and features promised in the purchase platform, the return is insured. All online stores have very broad policies of return of purchased products, which gives users absolute peace of mind when buying.

Online Stores Offer Specific Product Information

An online store is no longer treated today of a sequence of good photographs of the products. Most of the American companies invest millions in content marketing, to generate the complete information about the products they offer. Measurements, colors, specifications, benefits of the products, methods of use, advice and all types of data that give the user greater freedom to choose.

The growth of Collaborative Consumption

Although the purchase is an absolutely individual event, consumers form alliances, where they share experiences about the products and services offered in an online store. This means that companies redouble their efforts to offer quality products at better prices, even more, advantageous prices than those offered by physical stores.

All Brands in One Place

Many platforms bring together the same product from different brands in one place. It is a clear invitation to associate for companies and for the user improves their shopping experience, since on the same page you can compare price and quality.

The current buyer is an informed consumer, who demands the maximum amount of information about what he buys, who demands to live an experience and who can become the most faithful spokesperson of the brand. It only remains to wait to see how buyers will continue to evolve in the immediate future.

The New Trends of the Spring Summer Season for Women

The new trends of the spring summer season for women

The season of spring-summer 2018 begins, one of the most important in the world of fashion, especially since the record is completely changed with respect to the autumn and winter seasons. The good weather emerges, and the style of clothing changes drastically, changing the coats for comfortable and fresh clothes.

Although not only the clothes change: also the shoes and accessories. We can see this first hand through high-quality brands such as Hispanitas ( which is also a national product, so it is a perfect example) and the new collection products that are brought to the market.

These, represent neither more nor less than the greatest novelty of each brand for a certain season (in this case, the spring-summer season 2018) so they tend to reflect current trends quite well. We give a review of some of them, as well as Hispanitas shoes and various accessories since they are usually the most important.

The fresh and youthful tone for the season spring-summer 2018. We can see clothes, shoes, and accessories focused on how not to take advantage of the good weather characteristic of this stage, so the fresh and youthful tone will be a constant in all of them. The colors and motifs that they will present will also be very characteristic, and will reflect this perfectly. Thus, we can see how pastel colors (color nougat, light blue, pink, white, and even gray) will be predominant.

In addition, it will be quite common to find floral motifs, details of rhinestones or ties and laces of various kinds as companions of all this. Much simplicity with small details making the difference and that they feel very well to practically any set, so when it comes to making an outfit it will be quite simple to combine all kinds of clothes and colors.

Women’s Shoes that will set Trends

Obviously, the footwear that will prevail over the rest will be the discovered models, which allow the foot to perspire well and that are also comfortable to wear for any outdoor environment, since the good weather will invite it. So, we can meet with:

Sandals: It is one of the most practical and comfortable shoes that exist, so it will practically be a regular for any season spring summer, beyond that of this year 2018. Of course, what is the design itself that changes? Factors such as shape, color, and even the mooring or the plant that the sandals present will be key.

This year, sandals are worn with flat soles and chromed colors, with some details that embellish them, such as pearls or laces and ruffles previously mentioned. It is also quite common to play with the shapes of the strips and closures to give them greater presence and visual impact.

Dancers: In the case of the dancers, we see how the heels are the most appropriate for this time. Presenting a slightly more elegant design (as a general rule) they are a type of footwear finished in tip very common and resultón, that will allow you to give that youthful touch to your outfits. For the most elegant combinations, buying leather or pebbled dancers will be a great option, without a doubt.

What Kind of Bags will be Worn During Spring 2018

The bags will be the star complement for women (once again). Although obviously, the dimensions, shape, and colors of them will change with respect to winter.

For example, its size will be somewhat shorter, in order to be manageable. Although on the contrary, the fact that they are not so big will also have the disadvantage that they fit much fewer things. To be able to supply this characteristic, round bags are recommended, since apart from being part of this trend, they will allow you to take advantage of the space much better.

Special mention for bags with motifs of drafts, which are causing a furor and is expected to explode as a trend precisely during this time. You can find it in different shapes and colors, and you can even buy round bags with openwork, thus mixing two trends in one. Although, as always, the decision is yours.

The 4 Best Ways to Pay for Internet Shopping

Buying online is very easy. Just a few clicks, credit card number and anxiety control to receive, in the comfort of home, the products ordered. However, the payment process may vary from one site to another, and in some virtual stores, it may be that the credit card is the least advantageous.

To make everything even more comfortable and supportive for you, we have prepared a guide on the advantages and disadvantages of each method and list the cases in which each one becomes more attractive. It pays to read and, perhaps, save some change at the end. With the end of the year getting closer, any more coins are synonymous with a small and extra gift.

1. Credit Card

Obviously, the credit card is first on our list. The main reason is, without doubt, the agility of payment. In a matter of seconds, your payment is approved by the credit carrier, which makes buying online services, for example, much more dynamic.

But in addition, the credit card has other advantages. Recently, the Lifehacker site has published a table with the main advantages of buying in certain stores with a specific card. In the United Kingdom, for example, the Barclaycard bank customer who buys from the iTunes Store with his Visa card ends up benefiting from points that can later be exchanged for store vouchers.

In the USA, many stores and banks practice this type of promotion, so it’s worth keeping an eye out and knowing the bonuses that you can accumulate when choosing the ideal card for the purchase. Many stores also provide their own Visa and Mastercard cards, which, if used, give entitlement to exclusive discounts or differentiated payment terms. This is the case, for example, of stores like Submarino and Americans.

Of course, such ease offers risks. The consumer should always be aware before informing their data, check if the site is reliable and offers security systems to guarantee the payments. Remember, too, that a website will never ask for your card’s password, so do not report it on the internet.

Also, before proceeding with the purchase on a foreign site, make sure your credit card is enabled for international transactions. Otherwise, you will need to contact the bank or credit card operator.

2. PayPal

Paying purchases through the PayPal system can also provide unique benefits. Perhaps the main one is that you do not expose your credit card (and document) data, for example, too unreliable websites. After all, online shopping requires a lot of care.

Another advantage is the fact that you no longer need to enter the card number for each purchase made on a new website. Simply connect to and pay from your PayPal profile. Less typing, fewer errors. If this is not enough, in case of problems with the purchase, PayPal can help you solve the unforeseen, including returning your money in case of an undelivered request.

As a minus, PayPal usually charges a 3.5% fee on the conversion of a paid purchase into a foreign currency. When you pay for a product on an out-of-country site with your credit card, the purchase conversion will usually be made on the day of the invoice closing, which may yield a higher or lower than expected value by the user, since the exchange rate varies daily.

However, when buying through PayPal, the consumer can choose to close the purchase based on the exchange of the day, with the conversion done by the payment system itself. In this case, a 3.5% fee will be charged on top of the commercial exchange.

Therefore, it is worth checking if the fee charged by your credit card is not lower than that of PayPal. Also, it is good to also analyze how the fluctuation of the dollar rate is in the period of purchase. If you are forecast to be discharged in the next few days, it may be more advantageous to pay 3.5% of Paypal than risking paying a much higher bill at the close of your credit card statement.

Another case in which the affiliate to PayPal can pay the most is in the receipt of payments. If the person wishes to withdraw a payment of up to R $ 249.99, a fee of R $ 3 will be charged. Above this amount, withdrawal is free.

Also remember that PayPal does not replace the credit carrier, that is, for international purchases, it is necessary that your card is enabled for this type of operation.

3. Debit in Checking Account

To avoid having to generate the Bank Ticket and to enter later in your web banking to pay it, some sites and banks offer the option of debit online. This is undoubtedly a good alternative for those who are without a credit card and need agility at the time of payment.

4. Bank Ticket

Calm down, we do not want you to go back to the Stone Age and prefer bank tickets to online transactions, but the fact is that many companies offer rebates of up to 10% to those who make the payment via bank slip.

And of course this is not a charitable action: for those who sell through the internet, the bank bill offers a lower operating cost than that charged by credit card operators, who charge up to 6% of the purchase price.

According to Reuters, another advantage for the merchant is the fact that he receives the customer’s money faster, after all the value of purchases by credit takes up to 30 days to reach the store pocket, while the ticket delivers the amount in only two days.

The downside, of course, lies in the delay in finding the payment, which can take up to five business days. But, if you are not in a hurry, it is worth availing the discount, which will certainly help you to pay part of the freight.

For the Merchant, the Cost also Weighs

f the form of payment can bring advantages and discounts to the consumer, it needs to be even better thought of in the case of the merchant. For those who maintain a virtual store, the point is not only to offer several alternatives to the customer but also to study if the costs of these options can not disrupt the business, making them less profitable.

One of the best options for the vendor is undoubtedly a payment gateway, that is, an e-commerce application maintained by the financial operator and responsible for processing and authorizing online shopping transactions on a website. However, according to Daniel Bento, co-founder, and CCO of maxiPago! before hiring a service, it is necessary to take some points into consideration.

For Bento, choosing the payment gateway is an essential strategic factor for business success. Therefore, it should offer some features, such as the flexibility to maximize your business, concern for data security, support in Portuguese and, above all, be stable enough not to leave customer and vendor in hand: “If your payment solution is off the air, you are not selling, “reinforces the CCO.

Anti-fraud systems should also be part of the contracted solution, such as the existence of a blacklist of suspicious cards. Also, depending on your enterprise, it is important to look at the number of transactions per second that the gateway is capable of delivering.

After all, nothing more frustrating for the customer than going through problems just at the time of payment. Thinking about payments at a strategic level “is the key to maximizing your sales and minimizing your operating costs,” advises Bento.

Online Shopping: 7 Foolproof Tips To Pay Less

7 tips to save money

A few days ago you were given tips to pay – really – cheaper. Know that there are general tips and tricks to pay less on merchant sites. During sales, this could also make the difference.

Tip 1: Subscribe to the Newsletter

It looks silly, like that, but it’s effective. Because the newsletters of all e-commerce sites entitle you to benefits upon registration. Whether it’s free shipping or discount percentages. Why deprive yourself? Wait for an article you really like to register and thus unlock a discount that you are sure to use before it is out of date.

Tip 2: Scrutinize Your Mails

If you are a seasoned shopper, you have necessarily already registered for one or more newsletters. The good reflex? Do a little research on your mails to make up the offers that you could have received and so use them wisely. Discounts reserved for subscribers are often more interesting than others!

Tip 3: Check Outlets

Unlike shops, e-commerce sites are not subject to the same rules on sales and can offer selections at reduced prices throughout the year. You can find the “outlets”, “last chance” or “promo” sections of your favorite sites to take advantage of discounts applied to the products that the brand wants to sell.

Tip 4: Order Several

We do not teach you anything: when it comes to shopping, the more you are crazy, the more laughs … and you the low prices! The majority of sites actually offer delivery charges from a certain order amount. By buying more, you reach faster this minimum and you avoid paying shipping costs (sometimes discouraging).

Tip 5: Take a Ride on Google

Ok, you’ve spotted the jeans of your dreams on Urban Outfitters. But who tells you that it is not cheaper … elsewhere? Depending on the e-shops and resellers, the price of the same product may vary. Your jeans can be sold cheaper elsewhere. But where?

Type the description of your favorite in Google to trace the other sites that could sell, a search engine dedicated to fashion that lists tens of thousands of reference, to find your nugget at best price.

Tip 6: Read the Composition

This is one of the biggest traps of e-shops: always very flattering photos … even when the product in question is not. To avoid disappointments, we carefully study the composition of the products we like. If you can buy your eyes closed silk, linen or cotton, be careful if it is viscose or polyester … Seams that crack and small defects are often commonplace for these cheap fabrics.

Tip 7: Pass the Site in Original Currency

Click on the original currency to go to the specific page of the website and add to your cart. This tip saves you a lot of money. There are many sites that allow it. Although the big traditional e-commerce stores like Amazon or eBay do not allow to pay with other currencies, they have the separate website for many countries.

Online Sales Have Passed the Cap of 80 Billion Euros in 2017

online shopping 2018

Driven by the expansion of the customer base, the increase in the frequency of purchase and an increasingly dynamic offer, e-commerce continues to show excellent health.

FEVAD’s balance sheet for 2017 is another year of strong growth for e-merchants. Online sales increased by 14.3% compared to 2016, representing € 81.7 billion. And everything suggests that the rise of e-commerce is not ready to run out of steam.

Proof of this, the number of cyber-shoppers is still growing and now represents 37 million French according to NetRatings. The frequency of purchase also continues to increase with, on average, 33 transactions per person last year against 28 in 2016. In the end, 1.2 billion transactions were carried out on the web in 2017.

A rising figure 20.5%, which is nevertheless accompanied by an erosion of average expenditure per transaction (65.50 € in 2017 against 69 € in 2016). But over the year, the French continue to spend more and more on the Internet. In 10 years, the average annual basket has almost tripled, from € 763 to € 2,184 in 2017.

90 billion euros in 2018

Among the reasons for this success, the widening of the offer with an increasing number of commercial sites (220,000 in 2017, 10% more than in 2016) and the development of marketplaces that continue to gain ground. The marketing strategies of online sales players also play a key role: delivery on D-day, free shipping … everything is done to promote Internet shopping rather than in-store.

A strategy that pays off in view of the record growth posted by online sales in 4th quarter of 2017 (+ 17.5% in the November / December period alone), while household consumption was down. Another trend that is asserting itself, the soaring m-mobile.

Purchases on smartphone or tablet have indeed jumped 38% compared to 2016 and now account for 1/5th of the total amount spent. Lastly, the BtoB online business is emerging as a new growth area with a 17.5% increase in 2017. What to look forward to 2018 with optimism according to the FEVAD, which anticipates a market of 90 billion euros for sales online this year.

Online Shopping Trends Today- The Window of New Entrepreneurship

online shopping trends

Women increasingly buy more online

Did you know that a woman can spend up to 50 minutes searching or buy a product online?

According to the Kantar TNS Connected Life study, this is the time spent by a woman through this communication network.

In addition, the research that reveals the behavior of Colombian women when purchasing products online, says that for 35% of them the Internet plays a major role in the purchase decision.

At least 69% of purchases are made from PC and Laptop, 58% from their cell phones, 12% from tablets and the remaining 14% from other mobile devices.

The research revealed that 47% of Colombian women make purchases ‘online purchase’ (concrete purchase on the Internet) and 23% prefer ‘Webrooming’ (search for information about products and services online).

What they buy the most

According to the Connected Life study, the categories in which women concentrate their expenses are: 41% in Travel (24% buy flights and 17% invests in lodging); 20% in clothes and shoes, 18% in entertainment (home entertainment services such as Netflix or Google Play), and 14% in fast food.

“When analyzing the online shopping habits of women we realize that they are much more playful than functional,” said Kantar TNS study.

How to avoid scams in online purchases?

There are more and more virtual scammers. That’s why it’s good that you know how to protect your money.

The technological advances have opened up a range of options where the goal is really clear: to make our lives easier. Comfort is where the big companies aim and year after year they develop tools in which our experience as a user leads us to repeat them, making our relationship with a certain brand a habit.

Faced with this, there are applications and portals that not only present their catalog of products, they also offer the option of making purchases online, adding to our shopping cart the necessary items that in a certain period will be at the door of our home.

Sometimes things go wrong

However, there are episodes in which we have heard of cases in which, unfortunately, someone has been the victim of a scam on a page whose products are not real, so they are only responsible for taking the data from the customer card for subtract your money

While it is impossible to know each page and its origin, it is easy to take a look at its reliability and if it really has a positive impact on the public. Sometimes it is better to do a quick investigation before the false offer leads to a result to regret.

Therefore, here we present a series of recommendations so that you are not a victim of the countless pirates on the network:

Find the details: Many of these pages are not official but copy a name almost similar to a big brand, and even your logotype, making you believe that it is the original or, why not, a branch of this. Find out in principle if it is real before buying.

Not everything that is gold shines: Part of the routine with which this series of portals manages to scam people is through offers that, if you think about it, seem impossible to believe. Their rebates are exaggerated and that awakens the interest of people.

Safe equipment: If you are doing this from your home computer, keep the antivirus activated, as this will help detect if it is a portal that carries danger, according to its forms or simply its structure.

Attentive when paying: As we pointed out in the previous point, it seeks to do it from home, avoiding a public wi-fi connection. Also, try to make the payment from a known and secure platform, such as Paypal.

The Advantages of Online Shopping

The Advantages of Online Shopping

It is undeniable the importance that the Internet has acquired in the daily life of people, thanks to the immediacy and comfort it provides. Market making, buying gifts, transferring money and even paying for basic household services has become much simpler because this tool offers the possibility of doing everything from a device without spending time in rows or displacements.

According to the Nielsen Global Study on Connected Commerce, 40 percent of Colombians have ever bought clothing or fashion products on websites, while 39 percent have purchased electronic devices through this means, checking their acceptance and participation in the digital market.

A world of benefits a click away

One of the greatest benefits of online shopping is the innumerable amount of options to evaluate and choose, according to specific needs, in different electronic stores, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

It is possible to make price comparisons quickly without having to go from one place to another. In addition to making a detailed comparison, you can access what you need taking advantage of the discounts and special offers that you will hardly find in a physical store.

On the other hand, home deliveries attract a lot of attention from the buyers because, added to the convenience of buying the necessary products from a device, they will arrive at the door of their home, without worrying about the transfer and the time lost in the displacements. obligatory.

And for those who are skeptical when they can not see or touch a product before making the purchase, there is almost always a detailed description, accompanied by photographs, which includes characteristics related to weight, color, measurements, materials, sizes, etc.

Although the information of each article is very important to know exactly what is going to be acquired, it is also important to know the opinion of other people and their experience. Therefore, the vast majority of online stores have the ability to read the reviews of other buyers on the page, making the purchase more reliable.

Another fundamental aspect, which has allowed Internet sales to gain strength in the country, is the protection that the consumer has. For distance sales – in which electronic commerce is included – the law indicates that five business days of retraction must be given, since the product is received, in which the purchase can be returned, in the same state in which He arrived, without any explanation. Upon such return, the merchant is obliged to make a refund or a change according to the customer’s request.

Internet shops must also comply with the guarantee of the products and services purchased. For this reason, it is important that the platform on which you are going to make your purchase clearly stipulates the guarantee time and the means to make it effective.

https vs http

Security is one of the issues that most concern when purchasing products or services online, however, specialized pages have measures that protect the personal and financial information of their buyers.

But how to know if the page has such measures? The first thing is to make sure that the site has a good reputation, that your web address starts with “https: //” and not with “http: //” and that the word Insurance appears accompanied by a green padlock next to the link.

It is recommended to read in detail the terms and conditions of the sale and make a proper follow-up of the order. Write down the confirmation number and the parcel guide number, if applicable, in order to correctly track the package.

Google Shopping Under Fire from Critics, Despite its “Remedies”


Google’s competitors have ruled Wednesday “inappropriate” the solutions presented by the US group, threatened with financial sanctions by the EU, to put an end to the anti-competitive practices of its price comparison service “Google Shopping”.

These solutions – called “remedies” in the European jargon – are “in force for four months and the attacks on competition, consumers, and innovation caused by the offense (…) continued unabated”, write about twenty companies in a letter to the European Commissioner for Competition, Margrethe Vestager.

Accused by the Commission of abusing its dominant position in online research to promote its price comparison “Google Shopping”, the US giant had been sentenced in late June to a record fine of 2.42 billion euros in this file.

But in addition to this conviction, the group was forced to submit in September “remedies” to put an end to the offense, under penalty of penalty.

He had proposed to manage “Google Shopping” independently: for four months, the new autonomous entity participates, like all other competing price comparison services on the Internet, to auctions to place advertisements at the top of the Google search page.

Specifically, when a user launches a search in Google for a product, such as a toaster or a fridge, appears at the very top of the first page a kind of advertising panel consisting of several boxes showing a result with photo and with the name of the price comparator used. Each of these boxes is auctioned between price comparators.

“We respectfully urge the Commission to reject Google’s current cure proposal,” write the competing companies in the mail.

If the solutions offered by Google are not considered satisfactory by the European Commission, the company is liable for penalties of up to 5% of the global average daily turnover of Alphabet, the parent company of Google.

The European executive – who has confirmed that he has received the letter – will then have to acknowledge this breach, any amount being due to retroactive effect.

“We are watching closely and actively,” he said, but “it would be premature at this point for the Commission to take a stand on Google’s plans.”

For its part, Google has ensured that his remedies were “consistent with the decision of the European Commission”, through the voice of his spokesman Al Verney.

“As requested, price comparison services have the same ability as Google Shopping to show vendor ads on Google search results pages,” he told AFP.

Google has also appealed the financial penalty imposed by the EU.

Online Shopping : Seven Tips to Pay Less for Your Shopping Needs

online shopping

Do you not spend a week without cracking on one or the other room behind your screen? Take note of these few tips, they may well allow you to make great savings!

Any sites offer benefits to their customers as soon as they sign up for the newsletter. Whether it is a promo code giving the right to percentages or free shipping. It would be wrong to deprive oneself of it.

The trick: wait for an article you really like before signing up for the newsletter and enjoy a welcome promo. This will allow you to be sure to use it before it is out of date.

Visit Coupon codes Websites

If despite your subscription to the newsletter, you do not get a promo code or, one that does not seem so interesting that, you can always take a look at sites that identify the best promotional offers and coupon codes of the moment.

Better yet, to avoid rummaging through multiple sites, install Wanted, a platform that will automatically apply the best promo code available in your cart.

Pass the site in Original Currency

On some international e-shops such as Asos, simply switch the site in original currency (in this case in pounds sterling) to enjoy a nice discount (a dress displayed at $ 67 on the site in dollars and passes to $ 50, or $ 56, on the website in pounds sterling).

Note that this trick, first revealed on the site, only works if you pay your order via Paypal and not by credit card that does not take into account the currency conversion tools.

The latter is also completely legal. When asked about the deal, Asos said: “With exchange rates that are constantly changing, prices can be lower depending on your country and the currency you choose.”

Think about the Cashback Option

A cashback, késako? This English word means a sum of money paid to a user after a purchase on the Net. Cashback sites like Igraal or Poulpeo work with hundreds of partner sites that pay commissions after each purchase made by one of their registrants.

Specifically, you register on a cashback site, search the search bar in the site on which you want to place your order, you will then be redirected to the site in question and your cashback will be activated.

Thus, if you benefit from a 5% cashback on an order of 20 euros, 1 euro will be credited to your kitty. A small amount of money, but accumulated in all your purchases of the year, will eventually be substantial.

Use PayPal when Returns are Paying

If many sites now offer free returns if unsuccessful try, this is not always the case. Problem: when your package comes from the other side of Europe or even from another continent, the return costs can fly off very quickly.

This is where PayPal comes in. Because many are certainly unaware of it but by paying an order via Paypal, it is the service that supports the cost of return!

Make Shipping Costs Profitable

Sometimes the delivery costs are more expensive than the item in question. In this case, two options are necessary: either, you order to several or, you wait until your basket is well filled.

From a certain amount of order, many sites offer free shipping. With the money saved, you will be able to fall for another item or accumulate a few euros more in your fashionista piggy bank!

Bet on the Outlets

Many sites such as Mango, Asos, La Redoute or Zalando have an outlet section or better, a full outlet site. Do not hesitate to take a tour to find pieces from previous collections at low prices!