China Continues to Promote Green Express Delivery

Ayxoo Comments 0 20/03/2018

In recent years, with the rapid development of e-commerce in China, the development of express delivery services has exploded. According to the latest data published by the State Post Office of China, the volume of express deliveries in the country reached 40.1 billion parcels in 2017, up 28% year-on-year, ranking fourth in the world for four consecutive years.

At the same time, messaging packaging and take-away packaging are used in large quantities and waste pollution has become a social concern. Based on the standard of 0.2 kg for each package sent by the courier industry, solid waste produced in one year exceeds 8 million tonnes.

To improve recycling, it is necessary to promote the use of green packaging in the express delivery industry without delay. During this year’s two parliamentary sessions, some MEPs suggested improving laws and standards as soon as possible to promote and popularize the green packaging industry.

In February of this year, a “Provisional Regulation on Delivery Services in China (Draft)” was adopted. As the first administrative legislation for the express delivery industry in the country, this regulation has established a system oriented towards green production and consumption for the express delivery industry.

Last year, China also published “Guidelines for the Collaborative Promotion of Green Packaging in the Express Delivery Industry”, which proposed to increase by 2020 the proportion of degradable materials in green packaging. at 50%, to globally eliminate heavy metals and other special substances exceeding the standards in packaging materials, and to essentially complete the construction of Currently, the proportion of electronic mailing slips used by Chinese express delivery companies reaches 80%.

Compared to the traditional express bill of lading, the amount of paper used for this type of document is reduced by more than 70%. The adhesive tape used is thinner and narrower, and the amount has been reduced. The amount of tape used for a single shipment has decreased by 1/3 from one year to the next.

Meanwhile, China Express, Yunda, and other Chinese express delivery companies have launched green recycled canvas bags. This kind of canvas bag can be reused for 4-6 months. On average, the rate of use of a canvas bag is 100 times greater than that of woven bags previously used.

The company Cainiao, its logistic partners and traders jointly launched 20 “green warehouses”; all shipments from these green warehouses use delivery boxes without tape and 100% biodegradable mailbags. For its part, Jingdong launched a recyclable drawstring bag and Suning launched a total of 50,000 express boxes shared in 13 cities.

Some MEPs believe that the government and companies are increasing their awareness of green packaging, encouraging users to participate in the recycling of packaging messaging and green packaging through an incentive mechanism, and constantly raising awareness of green issues.

Ten cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen have set up recycling activities for express mailboxes, which allow consumers to ask for 10 trees by donating 10 cartons. Once the old cardboard has been disinfected and processed, it will be converted back into packaging and reused.


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