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E-Commerce Market To China Just a Mouse Click

Ayxoo Comments 0 28/02/2018

Yesterday, the Swiss retail trade complained about shopping tourism in Konstanz. The new threat is closer: one clicks away.

The sofa of furniture Dick in Lauchringen. The Kurpackung Balea shower gel looted at dowel price at dm in Konstanz. Or a backpack full of hearty Black Forest ham bagged at Edeka in Waldshut: The emotional Swiss discussion on foreign shopping has been revolving around such cross-border fishing.

Now it turns out that the true foreign mail is not stationary. But on the net. The difference: After Konstanz, it is half an hour. To China just a mouse click.

Cross-border purchases are growing

Thomas Hochreutener from the market researcher GfK Switzerland puts it this way: “In the stationary sector, Swiss foreign purchases are stagnating at a high level. But online, cross-border purchases are growing at an above-average rate. ». In figures: The approximately 10 billion Swiss francs that leave the Swiss in their trips to Möbel Dick, dm and Edeka account for about 11 percent of the total Swiss retail trade.

In the online world, however, the balance of power is quite different: 19 percent of all Swiss purchases on the net end up with foreign suppliers, Amazon, Alibaba, and Zalando. The proportion is growing year by year, calculates Patrick Kessler of the Association of the Swiss mail order: “Since 2011, the online purchases abroad have tripled.”

Does that mean that Swiss traders have all slept in the booming online business? Does not mean it. For food, Coop @ home and LeShop are doing well; In the field of home electronics providers such as Digitec and played a pioneering role. Put simply, everything that is edible or has a cord on it, the Swiss providers have so far under control.

For renewed growth in the foreign online business – after all, an increase of 300 million francs over the previous year. So far, Swiss online shoppers had to make a deal for it: ridiculously small prices for charging cables, cell phone cases and fashion jewelry, but long delivery times.

But if Alibaba builds a large logistics center in Bulgaria, millions of parcels will arrive faster in Switzerland. What should lead to even more customers in this country? After all, Alibaba is already ranked in the top 10 of the top-selling shopping websites in Switzerland.

The mode is well-known: Anyone who approaches a previously unknown online platform with a small order, gets served well and gains trust, becomes more courageous. A classic online shopping career goes like this: first the charging cable. Then the tablet. Then the 3-D printer. Alibaba captain Jack Ma is about to replace Konstanz with Bulgaria. If the trade is ever prepared for the Bulgarian stomach, he certainly does not do anything wrong.

Also, do not misrepresent consumers when they pause and wonder why the gadgets in China are so cheap. And who pays the price for it.


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