Instagram Rehearses Regarding Payment System

Ayxoo Comments 0 11/05/2018

Instagram rehearses in the US and the UK a payment system that allows users to make purchases directly from the app

Instagram changes skin slowly: from social network to what we can call “social commerce”; that is, the fusion between social networks and online commerce.

The portal of images and videos that Mark Zuckerberg bought in April 2012 activated in the last hours a payment system that allows making purchases from the application, without third parties in between.

The payment system is barely available to some users in the United States and the United Kingdom, in test mode. With the tool, Instagram gains ground in the shopping, an area that companies that develop social networks have not yet managed to fully master.

In addition, the payment system has the potential to become another important source of revenue for the company, a subsidiary of Facebook, which currently receives only advertising benefits.

To activate the payments, the user must add a card number to his account and generate a secure password that will be used as a pin every time he wants to buy something.

At the moment, the app only allows payments to a selected group of businesses. It is also possible to reserve a table in a restaurant or buy tickets to the cinema without ever leaving the app.

Instagram: the refuge of ‘cool’ things Zuckerberg has tried digital payments on Facebook, especially in Messenger chat, where he allows users to make money transfers.

Facebook has also tried to exploit the shopping business, but not at this level. Being still considered a cool social network, Facebook executives understand that Instagram has better flair to lead projects related to purchases.

This was demonstrated a few months ago when they presented the advertising labels. Taking advantage of the fact that the social network is more focused on style and fashion, users and businesses can now label the brands that sell the garments

In addition, the social network activated a business platform that allows creating business accounts to buy advertising on Instagram and show purchase links for the products they promote.

All recent tools of Instagram in this regard will be complemented with the payment system from the app, with which users can browse between images and videos and when they see something they want to buy, do so immediately without having to visit any other site.

Is it possible to get to live on Instagram?

Travel the world and charge for it. Show off the best brands and charge for it. Attend events and charge for it. It is enough to open the application to see photos of influencers that attest that it is possible. But one thing is that it is possible and then there are the chances of getting it.

If any of our readers have an account on Instagram dedicated to fashion, lifestyle, photography or cooking and is considering rolling the blanket at the head and leave everything to live exclusively from it, you must first know some essential premises for not shipwrecked in the immense sea of the influencers’ social network.

It depends on the moment. It is not the same to triumph today in Instagram that in the beginnings of the application when there was not the overcrowding that exists today. I know instagramers who started at that time, people on foot, without too much knowledge in fashion, photography or cooking, who managed to gain a foothold in that elite of influencers with face and eyes, were recommended by Instagram in that low context. competition, and today, with accounts of between 200-300,000 followers up to one million, they are dedicated solely to that.

An anonymous user who is not a star of television or sports already super known for his profession, obviously not going to have it so easy to get followers. And since this is the fish that bites its tail, it depends on your size: The digital influencer, the self-made from scratch, which has between 200,000 and 300,000 followers, can ask whatever it wants to brands for a photo, but the approximate thing is that charge about 1,000-1,500 dollars.

In any case, it is important to be smart and choose very well which photos are sponsored, and put the integrated ads in an elegant way instead of sponsoring all the photos; If not, your Instagram can become an advertising brochure.

A user that has between 100,000-150,000 followers, with a quality account, with good content and real followers and an engagement with his followers, who likes him and who leave comments, if he knows how to move well and is well represented, without being covered, you can earn a decent salary to live. Although some may even overcome it.

Below 40,000 followers, it is almost impossible to live on Instagram, unless it is a very specialized profile in a very specific area. But in the world of fashion, with that number of followers, brands can give you as much product and punctually give back for a photo, but nothing else if you do not have a parallel activity, such as a Youtube channel with many followers.


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