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Online Sales Have Passed the Cap of 80 Billion Euros in 2017

Ayxoo Comments 0 15/03/2018

Driven by the expansion of the customer base, the increase in the frequency of purchase and an increasingly dynamic offer, e-commerce continues to show excellent health.

FEVAD’s balance sheet for 2017 is another year of strong growth for e-merchants. Online sales increased by 14.3% compared to 2016, representing € 81.7 billion. And everything suggests that the rise of e-commerce is not ready to run out of steam.

Proof of this, the number of cyber-shoppers is still growing and now represents 37 million French according to NetRatings. The frequency of purchase also continues to increase with, on average, 33 transactions per person last year against 28 in 2016. In the end, 1.2 billion transactions were carried out on the web in 2017.

A rising figure 20.5%, which is nevertheless accompanied by an erosion of average expenditure per transaction (65.50 € in 2017 against 69 € in 2016). But over the year, the French continue to spend more and more on the Internet. In 10 years, the average annual basket has almost tripled, from € 763 to € 2,184 in 2017.

90 billion euros in 2018

Among the reasons for this success, the widening of the offer with an increasing number of commercial sites (220,000 in 2017, 10% more than in 2016) and the development of marketplaces that continue to gain ground. The marketing strategies of online sales players also play a key role: delivery on D-day, free shipping … everything is done to promote Internet shopping rather than in-store.

A strategy that pays off in view of the record growth posted by online sales in 4th quarter of 2017 (+ 17.5% in the November / December period alone), while household consumption was down. Another trend that is asserting itself, the soaring m-mobile.

Purchases on smartphone or tablet have indeed jumped 38% compared to 2016 and now account for 1/5th of the total amount spent. Lastly, the BtoB online business is emerging as a new growth area with a 17.5% increase in 2017. What to look forward to 2018 with optimism according to the FEVAD, which anticipates a market of 90 billion euros for sales online this year.


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