Online Shopping: 7 Foolproof Tips To Pay Less

Ayxoo Comments 0 18/03/2018

A few days ago you were given tips to pay – really – cheaper. Know that there are general tips and tricks to pay less on merchant sites. During sales, this could also make the difference.

Tip 1: Subscribe to the Newsletter

It looks silly, like that, but it’s effective. Because the newsletters of all e-commerce sites entitle you to benefits upon registration. Whether it’s free shipping or discount percentages. Why deprive yourself? Wait for an article you really like to register and thus unlock a discount that you are sure to use before it is out of date.

Tip 2: Scrutinize Your Mails

If you are a seasoned shopper, you have necessarily already registered for one or more newsletters. The good reflex? Do a little research on your mails to make up the offers that you could have received and so use them wisely. Discounts reserved for subscribers are often more interesting than others!

Tip 3: Check Outlets

Unlike shops, e-commerce sites are not subject to the same rules on sales and can offer selections at reduced prices throughout the year. You can find the “outlets”, “last chance” or “promo” sections of your favorite sites to take advantage of discounts applied to the products that the brand wants to sell.

Tip 4: Order Several

We do not teach you anything: when it comes to shopping, the more you are crazy, the more laughs … and you the low prices! The majority of sites actually offer delivery charges from a certain order amount. By buying more, you reach faster this minimum and you avoid paying shipping costs (sometimes discouraging).

Tip 5: Take a Ride on Google

Ok, you’ve spotted the jeans of your dreams on Urban Outfitters. But who tells you that it is not cheaper … elsewhere? Depending on the e-shops and resellers, the price of the same product may vary. Your jeans can be sold cheaper elsewhere. But where?

Type the description of your favorite in Google to trace the other sites that could sell, a search engine dedicated to fashion that lists tens of thousands of reference, to find your nugget at best price.

Tip 6: Read the Composition

This is one of the biggest traps of e-shops: always very flattering photos … even when the product in question is not. To avoid disappointments, we carefully study the composition of the products we like. If you can buy your eyes closed silk, linen or cotton, be careful if it is viscose or polyester … Seams that crack and small defects are often commonplace for these cheap fabrics.

Tip 7: Pass the Site in Original Currency

Click on the original currency to go to the specific page of the website and add to your cart. This tip saves you a lot of money. There are many sites that allow it. Although the big traditional e-commerce stores like Amazon or eBay do not allow to pay with other currencies, they have the separate website for many countries.


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