Online Shopping : Seven Tips to Pay Less for Your Shopping Needs

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Do you not spend a week without cracking on one or the other room behind your screen? Take note of these few tips, they may well allow you to make great savings!

Any sites offer benefits to their customers as soon as they sign up for the newsletter. Whether it is a promo code giving the right to percentages or free shipping. It would be wrong to deprive oneself of it.

The trick: wait for an article you really like before signing up for the newsletter and enjoy a welcome promo. This will allow you to be sure to use it before it is out of date.

Visit Coupon codes Websites

If despite your subscription to the newsletter, you do not get a promo code or, one that does not seem so interesting that, you can always take a look at sites that identify the best promotional offers and coupon codes of the moment.

Better yet, to avoid rummaging through multiple sites, install Wanted, a platform that will automatically apply the best promo code available in your cart.

Pass the site in Original Currency

On some international e-shops such as Asos, simply switch the site in original currency (in this case in pounds sterling) to enjoy a nice discount (a dress displayed at $ 67 on the site in dollars and passes to $ 50, or $ 56, on the website in pounds sterling).

Note that this trick, first revealed on the site, only works if you pay your order via Paypal and not by credit card that does not take into account the currency conversion tools.

The latter is also completely legal. When asked about the deal, Asos said: “With exchange rates that are constantly changing, prices can be lower depending on your country and the currency you choose.”

Think about the Cashback Option

A cashback, késako? This English word means a sum of money paid to a user after a purchase on the Net. Cashback sites like Igraal or Poulpeo work with hundreds of partner sites that pay commissions after each purchase made by one of their registrants.

Specifically, you register on a cashback site, search the search bar in the site on which you want to place your order, you will then be redirected to the site in question and your cashback will be activated.

Thus, if you benefit from a 5% cashback on an order of 20 euros, 1 euro will be credited to your kitty. A small amount of money, but accumulated in all your purchases of the year, will eventually be substantial.

Use PayPal when Returns are Paying

If many sites now offer free returns if unsuccessful try, this is not always the case. Problem: when your package comes from the other side of Europe or even from another continent, the return costs can fly off very quickly.

This is where PayPal comes in. Because many are certainly unaware of it but by paying an order via Paypal, it is the service that supports the cost of return!

Make Shipping Costs Profitable

Sometimes the delivery costs are more expensive than the item in question. In this case, two options are necessary: either, you order to several or, you wait until your basket is well filled.

From a certain amount of order, many sites offer free shipping. With the money saved, you will be able to fall for another item or accumulate a few euros more in your fashionista piggy bank!

Bet on the Outlets

Many sites such as Mango, Asos, La Redoute or Zalando have an outlet section or better, a full outlet site. Do not hesitate to take a tour to find pieces from previous collections at low prices!


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