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Online Shopping Trends Today- The Window of New Entrepreneurship

Ayxoo Comments 0 13/03/2018

Women increasingly buy more online

Did you know that a woman can spend up to 50 minutes searching or buy a product online?

According to the Kantar TNS Connected Life study, this is the time spent by a woman through this communication network.

In addition, the research that reveals the behavior of Colombian women when purchasing products online, says that for 35% of them the Internet plays a major role in the purchase decision.

At least 69% of purchases are made from PC and Laptop, 58% from their cell phones, 12% from tablets and the remaining 14% from other mobile devices.

The research revealed that 47% of Colombian women make purchases ‘online purchase’ (concrete purchase on the Internet) and 23% prefer ‘Webrooming’ (search for information about products and services online).

What they buy the most

According to the Connected Life study, the categories in which women concentrate their expenses are: 41% in Travel (24% buy flights and 17% invests in lodging); 20% in clothes and shoes, 18% in entertainment (home entertainment services such as Netflix or Google Play), and 14% in fast food.

“When analyzing the online shopping habits of women we realize that they are much more playful than functional,” said Kantar TNS study.

How to avoid scams in online purchases?

There are more and more virtual scammers. That’s why it’s good that you know how to protect your money.

The technological advances have opened up a range of options where the goal is really clear: to make our lives easier. Comfort is where the big companies aim and year after year they develop tools in which our experience as a user leads us to repeat them, making our relationship with a certain brand a habit.

Faced with this, there are applications and portals that not only present their catalog of products, they also offer the option of making purchases online, adding to our shopping cart the necessary items that in a certain period will be at the door of our home.

Sometimes things go wrong

However, there are episodes in which we have heard of cases in which, unfortunately, someone has been the victim of a scam on a page whose products are not real, so they are only responsible for taking the data from the customer card for subtract your money

While it is impossible to know each page and its origin, it is easy to take a look at its reliability and if it really has a positive impact on the public. Sometimes it is better to do a quick investigation before the false offer leads to a result to regret.

Therefore, here we present a series of recommendations so that you are not a victim of the countless pirates on the network:

Find the details: Many of these pages are not official but copy a name almost similar to a big brand, and even your logotype, making you believe that it is the original or, why not, a branch of this. Find out in principle if it is real before buying.

Not everything that is gold shines: Part of the routine with which this series of portals manages to scam people is through offers that, if you think about it, seem impossible to believe. Their rebates are exaggerated and that awakens the interest of people.

Safe equipment: If you are doing this from your home computer, keep the antivirus activated, as this will help detect if it is a portal that carries danger, according to its forms or simply its structure.

Attentive when paying: As we pointed out in the previous point, it seeks to do it from home, avoiding a public wi-fi connection. Also, try to make the payment from a known and secure platform, such as Paypal.


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