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Flowers decor or having live plants at home is always a positive sign. They brighten the eyes and improve the mood in general. 

A bad day or tiredness is not so terrible if in your room something blooms and fills the space with a pleasant aroma.

In addition to traditional ways, there is a multitude of ways to create an original floral composition to place in your home.

You can experiment and feel florist, let your imagination and inspiration fly. You can use the old vessels creatively.

To give a second life to a watering can or a vase, which at first glance do not allow for more, it is enough to find a plant that matches its color.

A centerpiece of eggshell and flowers looks very fun and fresh. If you have children, you can ask for their help, they will surely love to participate in this. 

You can add green twigs, pebbles, dried flowers and other decorative elements to the flowers. Instead of eggs, you can also use seashells of different sizes.


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