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Vintage decor style in decoration is one of the most acclaimed by lovers of interior design and after reading these lines, your house can also show off.

But a vintage-style house is not a house full of furniture and antiquarian pieces.

The key to its success lies in a balanced mix of mid-century pieces with more contemporary furnishings and objects.

If we choose each piece carefully, we will achieve the style we seek without saturating and what is more important, without aging the space.

Nowadays it is very easy to acquire vintage pieces in markets, fairs or specialized stores. You just have to have clear ideas.

The important thing is to know what are the furniture and objects with the soul that brings to our house that charismatic personality of the decade of the 50s and 60s.

Whether you have a loft-type home or want to give a room a distinctive look, it is possible to transfer the industrial style to your home.


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