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Find high-quality pet glove for brushing and massaging dogs and cats on Ayxoo with free shipping options.

The best friend for your pet. These gloves remove loose hair and gently massage your pets. Perfect for dogs with long or short hair.

The hair sticks to the glove, making it easy after the brushing removes hair and get rid of it. Adaptable to all areas of your pet.

Glove with two faces for the care of your pet. Suitable for left and right-handed. Massage, care for hair and promotes circulation.

Glove white with inserted bristles ideal for removing loose hair and lessen the fall of the hair of your pet.

The gloves for grooming pet allow you to comb and massage your furry friend. A perfect combination of gloves and a brush for cleaning.

This glove is put in your hand and you pass it to your pet all over its fur to make it feel nice.

These are all comfortable bath glove with multiple very soft bristles for a better grooming of the pet.


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