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With our luxurious travel wallets, you can store everything safely in one place: your boarding passes, passport and credit cards.

You are looking for a small wallet or where all your identity documents, credit cards, money and everything you need to hand.

These travel items will be your essentials every time you make a weekend getaway or a long trip across the pond. Discover them here.

Make your trip unforgettable with our travel accessories. Discover our wallets. Designed to provide comfort during the trip.

Make your purchases of wallets and cardholders. Discover the selection of travel products for women with the highest quality.

The travel wallet is ideal for business trips since it allows to keep all the necessary documentation to travel.

Our wallets are oriented to the highest quality from the design process. Handmade, we offer the possibility of personalization.

Travel wallets, folders, and briefcases with integrated power bank to avoid losing your tablet or smartphone’s battery during your business trips.


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