The Behavior of Buyers Changed From The Emergence of Online Stores

The Behavior of Buyers Changed From The Emergence of Online Stores

Ayxoo0 Comments09/04/2018

In the 21st century, the rise of the internet generated a change in the behavior of online buyers. The number one sales portal for furniture and decoration objects in the…

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Does eCommerce Harm or Benefit the Globe? The Amazing Growth

Ayxoo0 Comments07/04/2018

Online shopping soars and several studies disagree on whether they affect more or less the environment than the traditional retail model. More and more people are distributing things on our streets,…

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Online Shopping: 7 Foolproof Tips To Pay Less

Ayxoo0 Comments18/03/2018

A few days ago you were given tips to pay – really – cheaper. Know that there are general tips and tricks to pay less on merchant sites. During sales,…

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online shopping trends

Online Shopping Trends Today- The Window of New Entrepreneurship

Ayxoo0 Comments13/03/2018

Women increasingly buy more online Did you know that a woman can spend up to 50 minutes searching or buy a product online? According to the Kantar TNS Connected Life study, this…

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The Advantages of Online Shopping

The Advantages of Online Shopping

Ayxoo0 Comments11/03/2018

It is undeniable the importance that the Internet has acquired in the daily life of people, thanks to the immediacy and comfort it provides. Market making, buying gifts, transferring money…

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Amazon Successfully Disrupting the Banking Sector

Amazon has a Good Chance of Successfully Disrupting the Banking Sector

Ayxoo0 Comments07/03/2018

The e-commerce giant is said to be in talks with major banks like JP Morgan for a deposit account offering targeting young adults and people without an account. Amazon, which…

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Google Shopping Under Fire from Critics, Despite its “Remedies”

Ayxoo0 Comments04/03/2018

Google’s competitors have ruled Wednesday “inappropriate” the solutions presented by the US group, threatened with financial sanctions by the EU, to put an end to the anti-competitive practices of its…

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Online Shopping : Seven Tips to Pay Less for Your Shopping Needs

Ayxoo0 Comments02/03/2018

Do you not spend a week without cracking on one or the other room behind your screen? Take note of these few tips, they may well allow you to make…

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china market

E-Commerce Market To China Just a Mouse Click

Ayxoo0 Comments28/02/2018

Yesterday, the Swiss retail trade complained about shopping tourism in Konstanz. The new threat is closer: one clicks away. The sofa of furniture Dick in Lauchringen. The Kurpackung Balea shower gel…

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