The 4 Best Ways to Pay for Internet Shopping

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Buying online is very easy. Just a few clicks, credit card number and anxiety control to receive, in the comfort of home, the products ordered. However, the payment process may vary from one site to another, and in some virtual stores, it may be that the credit card is the least advantageous.

To make everything even more comfortable and supportive for you, we have prepared a guide on the advantages and disadvantages of each method and list the cases in which each one becomes more attractive. It pays to read and, perhaps, save some change at the end. With the end of the year getting closer, any more coins are synonymous with a small and extra gift.

1. Credit Card

Obviously, the credit card is first on our list. The main reason is, without doubt, the agility of payment. In a matter of seconds, your payment is approved by the credit carrier, which makes buying online services, for example, much more dynamic.

But in addition, the credit card has other advantages. Recently, the Lifehacker site has published a table with the main advantages of buying in certain stores with a specific card. In the United Kingdom, for example, the Barclaycard bank customer who buys from the iTunes Store with his Visa card ends up benefiting from points that can later be exchanged for store vouchers.

In the USA, many stores and banks practice this type of promotion, so it’s worth keeping an eye out and knowing the bonuses that you can accumulate when choosing the ideal card for the purchase. Many stores also provide their own Visa and Mastercard cards, which, if used, give entitlement to exclusive discounts or differentiated payment terms. This is the case, for example, of stores like Submarino and Americans.

Of course, such ease offers risks. The consumer should always be aware before informing their data, check if the site is reliable and offers security systems to guarantee the payments. Remember, too, that a website will never ask for your card’s password, so do not report it on the internet.

Also, before proceeding with the purchase on a foreign site, make sure your credit card is enabled for international transactions. Otherwise, you will need to contact the bank or credit card operator.

2. PayPal

Paying purchases through the PayPal system can also provide unique benefits. Perhaps the main one is that you do not expose your credit card (and document) data, for example, too unreliable websites. After all, online shopping requires a lot of care.

Another advantage is the fact that you no longer need to enter the card number for each purchase made on a new website. Simply connect to and pay from your PayPal profile. Less typing, fewer errors. If this is not enough, in case of problems with the purchase, PayPal can help you solve the unforeseen, including returning your money in case of an undelivered request.

As a minus, PayPal usually charges a 3.5% fee on the conversion of a paid purchase into a foreign currency. When you pay for a product on an out-of-country site with your credit card, the purchase conversion will usually be made on the day of the invoice closing, which may yield a higher or lower than expected value by the user, since the exchange rate varies daily.

However, when buying through PayPal, the consumer can choose to close the purchase based on the exchange of the day, with the conversion done by the payment system itself. In this case, a 3.5% fee will be charged on top of the commercial exchange.

Therefore, it is worth checking if the fee charged by your credit card is not lower than that of PayPal. Also, it is good to also analyze how the fluctuation of the dollar rate is in the period of purchase. If you are forecast to be discharged in the next few days, it may be more advantageous to pay 3.5% of Paypal than risking paying a much higher bill at the close of your credit card statement.

Another case in which the affiliate to PayPal can pay the most is in the receipt of payments. If the person wishes to withdraw a payment of up to R $ 249.99, a fee of R $ 3 will be charged. Above this amount, withdrawal is free.

Also remember that PayPal does not replace the credit carrier, that is, for international purchases, it is necessary that your card is enabled for this type of operation.

3. Debit in Checking Account

To avoid having to generate the Bank Ticket and to enter later in your web banking to pay it, some sites and banks offer the option of debit online. This is undoubtedly a good alternative for those who are without a credit card and need agility at the time of payment.

4. Bank Ticket

Calm down, we do not want you to go back to the Stone Age and prefer bank tickets to online transactions, but the fact is that many companies offer rebates of up to 10% to those who make the payment via bank slip.

And of course this is not a charitable action: for those who sell through the internet, the bank bill offers a lower operating cost than that charged by credit card operators, who charge up to 6% of the purchase price.

According to Reuters, another advantage for the merchant is the fact that he receives the customer’s money faster, after all the value of purchases by credit takes up to 30 days to reach the store pocket, while the ticket delivers the amount in only two days.

The downside, of course, lies in the delay in finding the payment, which can take up to five business days. But, if you are not in a hurry, it is worth availing the discount, which will certainly help you to pay part of the freight.

For the Merchant, the Cost also Weighs

f the form of payment can bring advantages and discounts to the consumer, it needs to be even better thought of in the case of the merchant. For those who maintain a virtual store, the point is not only to offer several alternatives to the customer but also to study if the costs of these options can not disrupt the business, making them less profitable.

One of the best options for the vendor is undoubtedly a payment gateway, that is, an e-commerce application maintained by the financial operator and responsible for processing and authorizing online shopping transactions on a website. However, according to Daniel Bento, co-founder, and CCO of maxiPago! before hiring a service, it is necessary to take some points into consideration.

For Bento, choosing the payment gateway is an essential strategic factor for business success. Therefore, it should offer some features, such as the flexibility to maximize your business, concern for data security, support in Portuguese and, above all, be stable enough not to leave customer and vendor in hand: “If your payment solution is off the air, you are not selling, “reinforces the CCO.

Anti-fraud systems should also be part of the contracted solution, such as the existence of a blacklist of suspicious cards. Also, depending on your enterprise, it is important to look at the number of transactions per second that the gateway is capable of delivering.

After all, nothing more frustrating for the customer than going through problems just at the time of payment. Thinking about payments at a strategic level “is the key to maximizing your sales and minimizing your operating costs,” advises Bento.


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