The Behavior of Buyers Changed From The Emergence of Online Stores

The Behavior of Buyers Changed From The Emergence of Online Stores

Ayxoo Comments 0 09/04/2018

In the 21st century, the rise of the internet generated a change in the behavior of online buyers. The number one sales portal for furniture and decoration objects in the United States invites us to reflect on the behavior of current online buyers.

Before anyone would think to buy your favorite furniture or your favorite shoes online. However, online stores have evolved to rescue and interpret the needs of buyers. According to the results of the last report made by the Cetelem Observatory in 2017, not only the amount of online sales has grown, but also the American companies have invested 38% more in their purchases in 2017 than in 2016.

In addition, another very interesting fact is that the “marketplace”, practically an online shopping center, was installed as the new purchase channel preferred. It is no longer necessary to have hours and hours to visit different shops or businesses. Nor is it necessary to tolerate endless rows to pay for the chosen products. Everything is resolved in one click.

Buyers Feel Heard

Online stores allow users to connect with brands and people identify more with those for whom buyers are more than just a number. In addition, online stores allow you to visit social networks, such as Facebook and Instagram, where you can belong to a community to share experiences and experiences about the products.

Online Stores Shorten Distances

In a globalized world like that of the 21st century, physical borders disappeared thanks to the advancement of technology. Cell phones allow the much more economic connection, people in different latitudes. Now you can buy a design bed like the one that appears in the most prestigious decoration magazines and without the person moving to the shopping center closest to your home.

Quality and Satisfaction Guaranteed

Another of the great virtues of online stores is that it allows you to receive the product and in the case of feeling that it does not meet the specifications and features promised in the purchase platform, the return is insured. All online stores have very broad policies of return of purchased products, which gives users absolute peace of mind when buying.

Online Stores Offer Specific Product Information

An online store is no longer treated today of a sequence of good photographs of the products. Most of the American companies invest millions in content marketing, to generate the complete information about the products they offer. Measurements, colors, specifications, benefits of the products, methods of use, advice and all types of data that give the user greater freedom to choose.

The growth of Collaborative Consumption

Although the purchase is an absolutely individual event, consumers form alliances, where they share experiences about the products and services offered in an online store. This means that companies redouble their efforts to offer quality products at better prices, even more, advantageous prices than those offered by physical stores.

All Brands in One Place

Many platforms bring together the same product from different brands in one place. It is a clear invitation to associate for companies and for the user improves their shopping experience, since on the same page you can compare price and quality.

The current buyer is an informed consumer, who demands the maximum amount of information about what he buys, who demands to live an experience and who can become the most faithful spokesperson of the brand. It only remains to wait to see how buyers will continue to evolve in the immediate future.


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