The Best way To Use YouTube To Do e-Commerce Marketing

The Best way To Use YouTube To Do e-Commerce Marketing

Ayxoo Comments 0 27/03/2018

The easiest way to improve a digital strategy is with the help of digital tools, as many of them are focused on improving the structure of web pages, or to optimize social networks . Especially when you do e-commerce because you can project sales in a way.

However, it is known to many that cyberspace has many secrets that can be exploited, especially before making an expenditure on digital advertising through the different channels to which they have access. Even one of these tricks can be applied to YouTube. As a video platform, it can be an unlimited resource to improve and optimize your e-commerce model for free.

According to figures from the page itself, visitors watch almost 5 billion videos a day. This means that within the platform you have a perfect vehicle to promote brand awareness and create loyal followers through videos, one of the most used formats by brands and companies today.

But its popularity can be a double-edged sword. Having billions of visitors can attract many content creators that can make highlighting more complicated. Fortunately, with the right strategy, you can excel above the YouTubers and generate revenue.

After all, YouTube is the third most visited website in the world and you can definitely take advantage of its potential as a sales mechanism. According to eMarketer, 63 percent of marketing specialists say that their main challenge is to generate new leads.

For its part, the Digital Marketing Institute indicates that consumers want to see more video content, at least 43 percent of them. Having a video platform like Youtube is the perfect way to connect and meet those needs.

Aspects to consider

The first thing that must be addressed is the competition and the positioning of the message: it competes with more than 50 million videos. The best thing is that there are more than one billion active users; This means that the public is there, you just have to know which segment to go to.

Staying true to the brand can be the best because it is the way to express naturalness. Your channel is an extension of your website and should have the right look so that your potential customers recognize it immediately, no matter where they find it.

Be consistent and create a cohesive story that creates a cognitive and emotional link between what you offer to the client. your reader Also, do not overlook the importance of publishing on a regular schedule.

Create instructional videos to teach other people how to use your products because they explain (in two minutes or less, ideally) what it means.

Take advantage of product reviews, because reviews of authentic and honest products generate credibility. Remember that the best product reviews focus on solutions, not sales.


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