The New Trends of the Spring Summer Season for Women

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The season of spring-summer 2018 begins, one of the most important in the world of fashion, especially since the record is completely changed with respect to the autumn and winter seasons. The good weather emerges, and the style of clothing changes drastically, changing the coats for comfortable and fresh clothes.

Although not only the clothes change: also the shoes and accessories. We can see this first hand through high-quality brands such as Hispanitas ( which is also a national product, so it is a perfect example) and the new collection products that are brought to the market.

These, represent neither more nor less than the greatest novelty of each brand for a certain season (in this case, the spring-summer season 2018) so they tend to reflect current trends quite well. We give a review of some of them, as well as Hispanitas shoes and various accessories since they are usually the most important.

The fresh and youthful tone for the season spring-summer 2018. We can see clothes, shoes, and accessories focused on how not to take advantage of the good weather characteristic of this stage, so the fresh and youthful tone will be a constant in all of them. The colors and motifs that they will present will also be very characteristic, and will reflect this perfectly. Thus, we can see how pastel colors (color nougat, light blue, pink, white, and even gray) will be predominant.

In addition, it will be quite common to find floral motifs, details of rhinestones or ties and laces of various kinds as companions of all this. Much simplicity with small details making the difference and that they feel very well to practically any set, so when it comes to making an outfit it will be quite simple to combine all kinds of clothes and colors.

Women’s Shoes that will set Trends

Obviously, the footwear that will prevail over the rest will be the discovered models, which allow the foot to perspire well and that are also comfortable to wear for any outdoor environment, since the good weather will invite it. So, we can meet with:

Sandals: It is one of the most practical and comfortable shoes that exist, so it will practically be a regular for any season spring summer, beyond that of this year 2018. Of course, what is the design itself that changes? Factors such as shape, color, and even the mooring or the plant that the sandals present will be key.

This year, sandals are worn with flat soles and chromed colors, with some details that embellish them, such as pearls or laces and ruffles previously mentioned. It is also quite common to play with the shapes of the strips and closures to give them greater presence and visual impact.

Dancers: In the case of the dancers, we see how the heels are the most appropriate for this time. Presenting a slightly more elegant design (as a general rule) they are a type of footwear finished in tip very common and resultón, that will allow you to give that youthful touch to your outfits. For the most elegant combinations, buying leather or pebbled dancers will be a great option, without a doubt.

What Kind of Bags will be Worn During Spring 2018

The bags will be the star complement for women (once again). Although obviously, the dimensions, shape, and colors of them will change with respect to winter.

For example, its size will be somewhat shorter, in order to be manageable. Although on the contrary, the fact that they are not so big will also have the disadvantage that they fit much fewer things. To be able to supply this characteristic, round bags are recommended, since apart from being part of this trend, they will allow you to take advantage of the space much better.

Special mention for bags with motifs of drafts, which are causing a furor and is expected to explode as a trend precisely during this time. You can find it in different shapes and colors, and you can even buy round bags with openwork, thus mixing two trends in one. Although, as always, the decision is yours.


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